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The Alexa Conference Exhibit Hall Experience

Showcasing Best-In-Class Products, Services, Ecosystems, and Tools for Alexa Developers

As part of The 2019 Alexa Conference, The Alexa World Fair (presented by VoiceFirst.FM) features an exhibit hall with a wide variety of market-leading companies, all within the Chattanooga Convention Center.

On Tuesday, January 15, and Wednesday, January 16, attendees of the 2019 Alexa Conference will have the opportunity to see Alexa best practices, learn about new companies doing exciting and groundbreaking work, meet potential new partners in the voice technology realm, and gain immense value for themselves and their organizations.

2019 Alexa World Fair Floor Plan.jpg
2019 Alexa Conference Exhibitor List
#250 (booth 109)
Alexa in Canada / VoiceFirst Health (booth 517)
Amazon (booth 301)
Applause (booth 207)
Audioburst (booth 409)
Botmock (booth 206)
Capstone (booth 407)
ConverSight.AI (booth 413)
Earplay (booth 506)
Epson (booth 309)
Intelligent Health Association (booth 211-D)
Just AI (booth 306)
LifePod (booth 211-C)
Magic + Co. (booth 401)
Mayo Clinic (booth 211-A)
Modev (booth 406)
Monkey Media Software (booth 306)
Oaktree Products (booth 508)
Orbita (booth 211-B)
Privakey (booth 107)
Pulse Labs (booth 505/507)
Pylon.AI (booth 415)
SoundHound, Inc. (booth 307)
Tellables (booth 512)
The Startup Show (booth 509)
Voicebot.AI (booth 513)
VoiceFirst Weekly (booth 515)
VoiceMarketing (booth 511)
Voice Metrics (booth 408)
Voicify (booth 308)
Witlingo (booth 514)
X2 Gaming (booth 503)
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