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Alexa Conference sponsors & partners to each receive media services worth $1k, thanks to PR Newswire

In the continuation of an existing partnership between Alexa Conference owner Score Publishing and Cision, the owner of PR Newswire, all Alexa Conference sponsors, partners, exhibitors, and speakers will receive a complimentary suite of media services worth approximately $1k to use to promote appearing at the 2019 Alexa Conference.

The package includes a state line press release, which can be sent out in any one particular state within the US, as well as having a press kit in the Alexa Conference Virtual Press Office, which will be available to on-site and off-site press following the event.

Normally, these items cost companies close to $1,000 each, and we're pleased to provide them at no additional cost to companies that will be at The Alexa Conference. Don't miss out on them - if you haven't heard from PR Director Aaron Kiel within the next week - certainly by the Christmas holidays - reach out.

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