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VoiceFirst.FM Shows

Insight + perspective + industry-leading guests

Alexa in Canada Podcast Art V2.jpeg

Alexa In Canada

The leading #VoiceFirst Amazon Alexa & Echo resource and podcast for Canadians.

Artificial Intelligence

Interviews with the best and brightest minds shaping the radical, world-changing landscape of AI.

This Week In Voice

The weekly destination for voice tech news.

Voice in Education.jpg

Voice in Education

An educator trying to discern how best to utilize voice interface in education that creates meaningful opportunities for teaching & learning.

The Alexa Podcast

The show about all things Alexa.

Talk To Me

Husband/wife co-hosts Max & Katie Ernst talk to all the electronics and appliances in their house to see which ones are considerate enough to talk back. They'll discuss what unusual, interesting, & downright terrible things voice assistants have to offer!

The Voice of Healthcare

Monthly show examining the growing intersection between voice technology and health care.

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Voice Spark LIVE

Weekly show providing helpful tips on how to use voice technology, along with reviews of Alexa skills, devices, and developer tips.

Voice First Health Podcast Art.jpeg

VoiceFirst Health

The podcast for the latest news, projects, research, and breakthroughs in the rapidly expanding fields of healthcare and voice-first technologies.

VoiceFirst Roundtable

Interviews with the men and women driving voice-first technology forward.



VoiceMarketing explores strategies and tactics in branding and marketing to help voice apps, podcasts and other audio experiences generate awareness, favorability and use. 

VUX World

Your detailed guide through the voice-first revolution. Whether you're an individual, an agency, a brand or a newbie, we'll help you take advantage of the biggest shift in user behaviour since the smartphone.

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