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The Alexa Awards

Presented By VoiceFirst.FM

 The Alexa Awards, Presented By VoiceFirst.FM, feature an international panel of judges and will honor the best of the best from across the wide world of Alexa skills and development.

From the individual developer creating an innovative new Alexa the large multinational corporation also creating an innovative Alexa skill...The Alexa Awards will honor the people and organizations doing amazing work within Amazon's voice ecosystem.

The Alexa Awards feature over 50 award categories, spanning the globe. As the voice-first ecosystem and marketplace evolves over time, more awards will be added, so check back often.


Submit nominations for The Alexa Awards in one of two ways:

1) Through the nomination form included on this website (available at bottom of this page). Nominations open Friday, March 23, at 8 AM Central time and will remain open until Monday, November 5, at 8 PM Central time. Each nomination carries a fee of US$49 and must be made individually via the web form.

Click the link to access the form, select the award you'd like to make a nomination for, and attach a PDF containing your namecompany nameyour nomination, and all supporting information you'd like to include for committee consideration. (This will need to be done for each nomination.)


2) Each registered attendee of The Alexa Conference, Presented By VoiceFirst.FM, receives unlimited nominations, complementary as part of registration, which can be submitted via email.

Once an attendee is registered for The Alexa Conference, an email can be sent from the registered email address to Nominations@VoiceFirst.FM with the nominations for The Alexa Awards. Those nominations will be processed, provided they come before the November 1 deadline. One single PDF may be provided via email with all information about award nominations. In the event you'd like to make multiple nominations over time, simply send multiple emails over time with multiple PDFs including supporting information - there is no limitation or exclusion.

Any individual, Alexa skill, company, etc. may be nominated for multiple awards across multiple categories, without limitation. The Alexa Conference, VoiceFirst.FM, and Score Publishing do not own wholly or in part any intellectual property associated with any Alexa skill or asset submitted as part of any nomination, and all nomination information will be kept strictly confidential by Score Publishing as well as selected judges.


This nomination process allows you, the person making a nomination, to present whatever information you think is most relevant to the awards committee regarding the person, Alexa skill, organization, etc. you're nominating for an Alexa Award. We don't limit you.

Provide us with the metrics, the arguments, whatever you would say in person to the committee making this decision.

Registrations across all categories are received and processed, with judges assigned for each category. Score Publishing and VoiceFirst.FM employees, along with Amazon employees and subcontractors, are neither eligible to participate nor to be judges. The Alexa Awards, Presented By VoiceFirst.FM, are not part of and are wholly independent, third-party awards which will each be selected by an independent panel of judges. 'Alexa' is a trademark of, Inc.

NO, receiving payments from Amazon as part of their developer compensation program does not constitute an employee or subcontractor relationship. You are still eligible for nomination and winning an Alexa Award.

Overall Alexa Award winners will be announced during The Alexa Conference, Presented By VoiceFirst.FM's awards reception (Tuesday, January 15), with some being announced live and others being announced via publication to the internet.​ Each winner will receive a physical trophy, two (2) passes to the 2020 Alexa Conference (approximate retail value $1,000), an invitation to appear on a VoiceFirst.FM podcast during 2019 to further promote and gain visibility with tens of thousands of listeners around the world, and recognition on both VoiceFirst.FM's website,, and on a special post-Alexa Conference episode of This Week In Voice.

Social media assets will be provided for Finalists as well as Winners which may be used without limitation for promotion and marketing purposes.

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